Our seamless Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) integrations allow you to connect Sequence with your customer software, so your financial operators can keep on top of closed-won deals that need billing. This guide is a quick overview of the benefits and recommended usage of our CRM integrations.

Sequence integrates with the following CRM systems:

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce (coming soon)

Head to the Integrations section in the dashboard to connect your CRM suite. Follow the steps to connect your account.

Integrations overview

Benefits of the CRM Integration

By integrating Sequence with your CRM, you can:

  • Bulk import customer records into Sequence, so you can pull your existing customers from your CRM.
  • Link customers between Sequence and your CRM, so you can seamlessly find additional information on your customers.
  • Keep on top of deals that are closed-won in your CRM, ensuring billing is always set up for the right customers and deals.

This integration ensures your financial operators have visibility over which customers have closed-won deals, allowing Sequence to fit seamlessly into your existing workflows. Your sales operators can continue to work in their system of choice whilst your finance team can effectively get on with seamless billing, keeping everyone in sync across your company’s operations.

To gain the most value from the CRM integration, follow the below steps:

  1. Use our customer importer when setting up your Sequence account, to bulk import your customers from your CRM.
  2. Keep your CRM integration connected so you can make use of our automated flows whenever a new deal closes in HubSpot.
  3. Use Sequence to set up and run billing for your imported and linked customers.
  4. Finalize and send invoices to customers using Sequence.