The purpose of our Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is so we maintain the scope and quality of our services, as well as our relevant maintenance and support commitments.

Service level

The Services shall be available 99.9% of the time, measured monthly, excluding scheduled maintenance.

The Agreement applies to our production Services, and does not equally cover our sandbox or other testing environments, although efforts will be made to ensure they meet your expectations in terms of availability.

Any downtime from outages of third party connections or utilities, or other reasons beyond Sequence’s control are excluded from the calculations. Sequence’s blocking of data communications or other services (in accordance with our terms of service) cannot be deemed to be a failure of Sequence to provide adequate service levels under our Master Services Agreement but we will always do our utmost to monitor and resolve incidents which affect our services.

Service uptime - check our status page

Incidents and other Downtime affecting Service will be reported on our status page.

Support level

We will provide reasonable support to you for the Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customers can expect a reply to support requests within response times as laid out by their Master Service Agreement, and which vary depending on the severity of the support request or Incident. The response times are also part of our Service Level Agreement.

Terms of the agreement

We use the following language across our docs, as part of the SLA, and if you report a support request with us:

  • “Incident” - a period of time in which Sequence’s Services are impaired. Incidents are measured by their impact, using a scale of P1 (critical) to P4 (low) severity.
  • “Downtime” - a period of time in which Sequence’s APIs, dashboards or Services are unavailable.
  • “Services” - The APIs and dashboard that Sequence offers customers to manage their accounts, and the operations of the product we provide.