Getting started

Sequence provides a sandbox and production environment so you can go through billing test runs without connecting to your production infrastructure.

Sandbox checklist

  • If you haven’t already, request Sandbox access
  • Verify your access to the Sandbox dashboard
  • Create your first customer in the dashboard. Sequence needs the following information to be able to run Billing. The data will be visible on the Customer Invoice:
    • Customer legal name
    • Customer billing address, including street name, post code, city and country
    • Customer email address (this is used to issue the invoice)
  • Use the API to upload product usage from the previous month
  • Create a usage metrics in the dashboard
  • Setup your customer pricing plan in the dashboard
  • Create your first billing schedule, using a start date in the past (e.g. for a billing schedule with a monthly billing frequency, set the start date to the first day of the past month). This will automatically generate your first invoice

Production checklist

  • If you haven’t already, request Production access
  • Verify your access to the Production dashboard
  • Verify your Merchant(s) Account(s) Details in the dashboard Settings
  • Set up an invoice and credit note prefix in the dashboard settings. These prefixes are used in all invoices issued, and the numbers are incremental. You can define any invoice prefix format (e.g. INV0001 or INVAA0001)
  • Enter your VAT identification code and tax rate in the Dashboard settings
  • Sign-off the Invoice Branding in the Dashboard settings