Customers you are billing via Sequence.


Products in Sequence represent the types of things you charge customers for, such as Platform access, Analytics add-on or Transaction fees. Products are the parent object of prices. A product can contain one more list prices and price variants.


Prices are the specific price-points you’re charging your customers for a given product. You can have any number of price variants for a given product, each reflecting a price-point for one or multiple customers. List prices are the standard price offered to customers prior to negotiation. Sequence supports different pricing models (Standard, Usage-based, Seat-based, etc).

Billing schedules

Billing schedules automatically generate invoices for a customer based on the included products, prices, billing terms, phases, discounts and minimum commitments.


Quotes are commercial proposal issued to customers and include products with prices and other terms. Quotes can be used to start billing schedules.

Usage events

Usage events represent units of usage you charge for (e.g. API calls or payments). Sequence calculates usage volumes and charges per billing period.

Usage metrics

Usage metrics aggregate multiple events into overall usage measures (e.g. total API calls or total payment amounts).


Invoices show charges and payment information for a billing period.