Products in Sequence are stored within a product catalog and designed to be reused across plans.

In Sequence, the fees that apply for a product are called prices. One product can have multiple prices. For example, your Analytics product may have a EUR price and a USD price. You may also end up with multiple prices for the same product as part of your sales-led motion (sales reps negotiating different rates with customers, for example).

You can access your product catalog when you’re building a new plan by selecting ‘Product Catalog’ from the menu.

Example: If you are charging a standard £500 per month for your ‘Analytics Suite’ product, you can re-use the same price across multiple plans. This will allow you to roll out pricing changes that impact all customers at once.

If you select a product from the product catalog and apply changes to its pricing, Sequence will create a new price for the product.
View the product catalog to see all price points across your customers at a glance.

Product Catalogue

Example: The below ‘Verified accounts’ product includes five different price points.

Product Catalogue