If your business offers standard pricing packages, you can flexibly model plans using prices in Sequence. Products help you track provisioning, and prices track the different variations in pricing. Prices define the unit cost, model, currency, billing frequency and billing type.

Prices act as core building blocks in Sequence. When you’re creating a new billing schedule for a customer, you will reference the PriceId of each Price you want to bill them for. Prices can be reused across customers. In a sales-led flow, prices will often be unique to customers, since each price may have undergone custom adjustments. In a self-serve flow, prices are reused by customers.

Worked example

Amara offers two self-serve plans for their product: Start and Scale.

Self-serve plansStartScale
IncludesPlatform accessPlatform access
AI Add-on
Pricing£500 per month£500 per month + usage fee based on API calls

The Start plan includes Platform access, granting access to base functionality in the platform. The Scale plan includes Amara’s AI add-on.


The list price for Platform access is £500 monthly in arrears. The list price for the AI add-on is based on the number of API Calls and billed monthly in arrears:

TierFirst unitLast unitUnit feeTier fee (flat)
Minimum tier01000£0£250
Tier 110012500£0.45£0
Tier 22501£0.65£0

Products and Prices in Sequence

In Sequence, Amara maintain two products, one for Platform access and one for AI add-on. Amara use products to determine what features a customer should be provisioned to.

In the below example, each product contains multiple priceIds. In addition to the standard list prices used for Amara’s self-serve plans, there are other price variants that are the result of custom sales deals.


  • Platform access

    • Prices:
      • A: £500 per month, in arrears (list price)
      • B: £825 per month, in arrears (price variant)
      • C: £650 per month, in arrears (price variant)
      • D: £400 per month, in arrears (price variant)
  • AI add-on

    • Prices:
      • X: 0-1000 included @ £250; $0.45 overage fee (list price)
      • Y: 0-2000 included @ £150; $0.40 overage fee (price variant)
      • Z: 0-5000 included @ £700; $0.65 overage fee (price variant)

When a new customer signs up to the Scale Plan, Amara create a new billing schedule referencing the standard list price ids A for Platform access and price id X for AI add-on.