Set up minimum fees to configure a committed minimum amount that is charged across one or more usage-based prices. For example, if you’re charging $0.1 per API call, you may want to set up a committed amount of $500. If in a given month the customer’s usage volume amounts to less than $500, a true up charge will be added to the invoice such that the minimum is met.

Minimums are charged based on the billing frequency of the prices they apply to. For example, if you configure a minimum fee for a monthly recurring usage-based price, the minimum will also be monthly recurring.

Volume percentage pricing

Applying minimums across products

You can apply a minimum fee across multiple usage-based products. For example, if you are charging for two different API products at different rates, you may want to configure a contracted minimum amount that applies across both products. If the sum of both usage-based charges does not meet the minimum, a true up charge is applied.