Set up

Connecting your HubSpot account to Sequence is simple. Go to the Integrations tab to get started.

  1. Click the button to connect to HubSpot.
  2. Select the HubSpot account you want to connect. If you are using the Sequence sandbox environment, make sure that you select a HubSpot sandbox account with copied data.
  3. Authorize the connection.

Only HubSpot Super Admins are able to authorize a connection.

Integrate with HubSpot

Import customers

You can import customers with closed-won deals from HubSpot into Sequence to avoid duplicate data entry. Sequence will automatically import closed-won customers. You can also run one-off imports of closed-won customers via the customer import tool.

In order to import, Sequence requires a primary or billing address in HubSpot. This ensures the correct address is displayed on invoices.

The primary or billing address must have the following fields:

  • Street address
  • Town/city
  • Postal/zip code
  • A valid country
  • A valid US state if the country is US

If an address is invalid then the reason(s) will be provided. You can navigate to HubSpot from these import errors so you can update these details, then reload for your import.

For country, Sequence will translate the alpha-2 country code format) into the correct country. Make sure you use “GB” instead of “UK”.

Import customers from HubSpot

A placeholder billing email address will be entered in your Sequence customer. This can be easily updated in Sequence when you are ready to start sending invoices out. We will soon allow you to import a billing email from HubSpot.

Importing a customer will automatically create a link for that customer between Sequence and HubSpot.

Navigate to HubSpot for a linked customer

You can also manually link customers by selecting them in the Sequence customer view and choosing which HubSpot customer you would like to link to.

Link a customer to HubSpot

If you have a custom pipeline or pipeline stage for “closed-won”, your Sequence representative can configure this for you. If you have a lot of HubSpot deals and companies, it may take a short while to load all the available records.

Billing customers from Sequence

Your imported and linked HubSpot customers are now available to be used in Sequence to set up billing.

Set up billing

Newly closed-won deals

Whenever a new deal closes in HubSpot, a customer will automatically be created in Sequence which you can use in billing. We attempt an automatic import when the close date of closed-won deals is updated and there is no existing linked customer. If some information was missing for this customer or deal which stopped a successful automatic import, you can go through the above flow via the customer import tool to import it.

Revoking access

When you want to revoke access, like all other integrations, you should revoke from within the Sequence dashboard.

Revoke access in Sequence

Specifically for HubSpot, you should also revoke access from within your HubSpot account.

Revoke access in HubSpot