The seat updates view shows a log of all seat events you have sent to Sequence. Each seat event includes a granular view of the number of seats that were added and removed as well as the new balance (at the time).

Submit seat events via the dashboard for testing.

Send a seat event

Use the Seat API to send seat events from your app to Sequence. Below is an example response:

  "id": "018ef546-b6ee-7370-9202-f21f0b6ddf41",
  "customerSnapshotId": "018ef546-b6ee-7370-9203-7d76d20756b3",
  "customerAlias": "018ef1f0-b892-72ab-bf30-d4db466616c9",
  "seatType": "analyst_seat",
  "sequenceAccountId": "0187338e-c6c4-77be-94ae-387031824db6",
  "snapshotTimestamp": "2024-04-19T00:00:00Z",
  "total": 30,
  "seatChanges": [
      "id": "018ef546-b6fe-7635-a3f8-8c52596d6876",
      "seatSnapshotId": "018ef546-b6ee-7370-9202-f21f0b6ddf41",
      "timestamp": "2024-04-19T00:00:00Z",
      "changeType": "SEAT_ADDED"