Create phases in billing schedules to setup a scheduled price change for a customer contract, such as ramped pricing. Phases are always sequential and cannot overlap, meaning that the end date of a phase is followed by the start date of a new phase.

Phases are a flexible tool to accomplish advanced billing scenarios, such as:

  • Introductory pricing: Create a three month phase to set up introductory pricing that only applies in the first three months of a one year contract.
  • Pricing ramps: For a three year contract, set up three distinct one year phases where pricing gradually increases by 25% each year.
  • Renewals: Set up a new phase for a contract renewal instead of managing separate billing schedules or subscriptions.
Billing schedule phases

Phases are different from billing periods and do not affect when invoices are generated. Phases determine when a pricing change should take place as part of a billing schedule or when a discount should be applied.

To avoid unexpected behaviour, we recommend aligning phase start and end dates with billing periods.

While it is possible to set custom start and end dates for phases to exactly match your contract, Sequence will provide you with an option to align the configured phase dates with your schedule’s billing periods.

Billing schedule phases adjustments

When the start date of a phase does not coincide with a billing period, you cannot add discounts, minimums or edit prices.