In the customer tab, click on “Add Credit Grant” to open the credit grant sidebar. You will need the following information:

  • Name: A friendly name for your credit grant. This will appear on the invoice as a line item description.
  • Select whether this is a cash or unit credit.
    • If Cash was selected, you’ll be prompted to fill “Amount of credit grant” with the amount of cash you are granting.
    • If Unit was selected, you need to select the metric this grant is associated with, as well as a monetary value for the entire grant in “Total Price” or for each unit in “Price per unit”. Filling one updates the other automatically.
  • Select a tax rate from the drop-down menu. This will be used for any credit line Items or Invoices associated with this grant.
  • Optionally, select an expiry date, after which any remaining balance on the grant will cease to be usable.
Grant Credits

Saving the credit grant will create a new entry in the credit ledger for this specific customer, and create a draft invoice to the customer for the credit grant.