Sequence integrates with your data warehouse and lets you set up automated imports of your usage data, which is often the simplest and most scalable way to send usage data to Sequence.

Usage Data Schema

In Sequence, usage events have the following schema:

FieldDescriptionData TypeMode
eventTypeTop-level category for the eventSTRINGRequired
customerAliasAlias for the customer the event belongs toSTRINGRequired
eventTimestampDefaults to ingestion timeTIMESTAMPOptional
customerEventIdAuto-generated if not providedSTRINGOptional
eventPropertiesEvent metadata key-value pairsJSONOptional

While your source table is not required to match this schema, it should have a well-defined mapping onto it. Get in touch with the Sequence team to discuss the most appropriate schema for your import source, and how to map it to the Sequence data model.

Import frequency

By default Sequence imports run once a day, but higher frequencies up to once every 15 minutes are supported. Get in touch with the Sequence team to set up a custom frequency.

Setting up your source

To get started, you will need to set up external access to your source table and share credentials with the Sequence team. See the sections below for step-by-step instructions specific to your data warehouse.