Sequence provides a branded customer portal including a history of invoices, usage and credit transactions. Make it easy for your customers to view outstanding, overdue and paid invoices. Provide a transparent billing experience and provide your customers with a visual overview of usage events they’re billed for, grouped by billing period.

Customer Portal overview

Accessing the customer portal

To view the portal for a specific customer, navigate to a customer from the Sequence dashboard and copy the link. You can also view an invoice in the customer portal directly from the invoice view in the dashboard.

Customer Portal link

Customize the portal

Add your company logo to your customer portal to ensure your billing experience is on brand. Link back to your app by configuring your application URL in dashboard settings. You can optionally also choose to disable the customer portal via the merchant tab in the settings page.

To share the portal, simply share the portal link with your customer. Customer portal links are obscured and unique per customer (via the unique id of a customer). This approach is also used by payment and accounting providers like Stripe and Xero.

Example customer portal link: https://portal.sequencehq.com/customers/{unique_id}

To embed a link to the customer portal in your app, use the Sequence API Customers endpoint and insert the relevant customer id.

Invoice history

The Invoices tab includes an overview of outstanding, overdue and paid invoices. Enable the Stripe integration to collect payments directly from the customer portal.

Only Sent invoices are displayed in the customer portal.

Invoice email notifications sent to your customers also include a link to view the invoice in the customer portal.

Customer Portal invoice tabs

Customer Portal invoice

Usage overview

The usage tab provides a real-time overview of usage events per billing period. If your pricing uses multiple metrics, each metric is displayed separately.

Customer Portal link

Credit overview

The credits tab shows credit balances and transactions over time. Learn more about credit grants.

The credits tab is only visible if you have granted credits to a customer.

In the below example, AcmeLabs have granted their customer Globex 250 account verification credits on July 20. Globex have verified 6 unique accounts in August, reflecting as a pending debit of 6 credits. Once the August invoice is finalized, the credits will be deducted from Globex balance.

Customer Portal credit overview