If you’re looking to automate billing for customers who self-serve sign up or upgrade, setting up an integration between your onboarding or checkout flow and Sequence is essential.

Sign-Up flow

Automatically bill a customer via Sequence once they’ve signed up via your website.


Create customer record in Sequence

Your customer visits your website and selects a pricing plan. They enter their details, including payment information, for example via a white-labeled Stripe checkout form. Use the Customers endpoint to create a customer record in Sequence.


Associate payment method (if using Stripe)

If you’re using Stripe to collect payment details from your customers during onboarding, you can associate their Stripe payment details with your customer in Sequence.


Create billing schedule

Use the Billing schedule endpoint to create and initiate the billing schedule based on the selected pricing plan. Learn more about self-serve pricing plans here. Sequence handles billing and invoicing, auto-charging customers since payment details are stored.

Upgrade flow

When a customer upgrades to a different plan, use the Billing Schedule update endpoint to update their existing billing schedule and account for the new pricing plan by adding a new phase to the schedule. Manual review may be necessary to ensure proper handling of the changes.

Speak to the Sequence to get help in designing your self-serve sign-up integration.