Configuring customers

Sequence has a flexible sales tax system. Our team will help you set up the correct sales tax rates for your business.

When creating a customer, select the tax status: taxed (default), tax exempt, or reverse charged.

Reverse charge invoices are marked as such and do not include any tax rates. Instead your customer will be liable for tax (as per the reverse-charge procedure). Reverse charge invoices need to include the VAT number of your customer which can be provided via the Tax ID field. Reverse-charge procedures may apply if a UK-based business is selling products to a business based in France, for example.

When you’re creating a new billing schedule for a customer, you can select from available tax rates based on their jurisdiction.

Select tax rate

Configuring tax rates

To configure new tax rates for new regions, head to the Settings tab and add a new tax rates. You configure an internal description and set the display name for the tax rate to appear on invoices. Tax rates are tied to jurisdictions, which makes it easy to select the correct tax rate for new customers during billing.

Tax configuration