Google Sheets exports give you the flexibility to create live reports on top of your Sequence data using a simple spreadsheet interface.

You can either:

    1. Export raw data: export all the available data models to Google Sheets and build your analysis from scratch, or
    1. Export a pre-built template: templates contain both data and pre-built reports and visualizations, which you can use out-of-the box or freely customize.

Getting Started with Google Sheets Export:

You can set up a Google Sheet export in the Insights/Templates section of the Sequence dashboard.

  • Select a template from the templates gallery

Each template is designed around a specific aspect of your business, e.g. your usage data or accounts receivable. To just export raw data, select the blank template.

  • Copy the template to your own Google Drive
  • Share your spreadsheet with the following Service Account email:
  • Link your spreadsheet by sharing your spreadsheet URL with Sequence via the dashboard
  • Start the sync by clicking the Connect button

Once connected, the spreadsheet will include some tabs directly linked to your Sequence data. These tabs will automatically refresh, and should not be deleted or modified.

For any questions, get in touch with the Sequence team.